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For the most part all the characters in the Star Wars story are mainly to appeal to any old person who feels that there can be something that they can do in the world.

The reasonable people want to destroy it while unreasonable would use it for evil purposes and domination. Even though there was such an evil, the story still shows that against overwhelming shadow there is the recurring theme of good standing against all odds.

Star wars Return of the Jedi book paper Summary Essay

Hire Writer The recurring theme in the story of Star Wars is that there is always a tiny light in the biggest darkness and there is only room for it to grow. There is never a moment where they are turned against each Other and they appeal to the reader in different ways, they reflect people you may know though they manage to escape belief because they live in that galaxy that is far, far away.

Luke, Han, and Leila are some of the most memorable characters from any story because of their dedication to their cause and friendship. He mentions all Of his friends as his reason for fighting then realizes that he fights for something even bigger than that, he truly wanted a better galaxy, one without tyranny.

He even expresses the changes he has gone through when attempting to convince the awoke elders to assist the rebellion. The story had several parallels in the time period of the world when it was Ritter.

When they are all captured and the shield has not yet been lowered it makes the reader fear for the worst and never expect the ending of redemption and the unexpected ally that enables the victory on the ground, The Awoke natives really create the rising action to the climactic destruction of the Death Star.

Dart Evader was long off the path of good but managed to call upon that last ounce of love for his only son to save him from the man who had caused so much suffering for him in the past. The author ally just wanted the reader to be surprised by the resolution of the battle.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The characters Of Star Wars are very noticeably different than from when they started their journey. The Story is narrated in such a way that three major events all focused on different parts of the same task are shown tat time.

Not only were his force abilities honed to perfection, he had grown patient and loved his friends enough to push away the evil when it engulfed him.

Rebels fight the Imperials in tactics they rarely use because they trust Luke, Han, and Leila Will pull through With their task. Luke was not alone in his transformation, however, as Han and Leila had moved on in their relationship and that really brought Han to care about someone other than himself.Editorial Reviews.

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Star wars rotj book paper
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