Stanford computer science honors thesis

Through course work and guided research, the program prepares students to make original contributions in Computer Science and related fields. They must also have senior standing units by the end of the academic year in which they apply.

Dissertations and theses

Students must also find a faculty member in CS who agrees to supervise the research and thesis work. In addition, most students have access to systems located in their research areas.

Two excellent resources are: Transition from engineering concepts and theory to real engineering applications. Requirements Once accepted into the honors program, students must complete the following requirements. These qualifications are necessary but do not do not guarantee admission to the honors program.

Computer Science

If the student opted for embargo restrictions, some of or the entire dissertation may not be available for up to five years after the submission date. Because this project must lead to a thesis, pure implementation projects such as those typically approved for CS are not appropriate for honors work.

All CS students have access to the departmental student machine for general use mail, news, etc. Learning Outcomes Undergraduate The department expects undergraduate majors in the program to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.

For guidance on finding an appropriate project and supervisor, see the undergraduate research page. Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.

Contact Honors Thesis One option to fulfill the senior project requirement is to write a senior honors thesis. Each research group in Computer Science has systems specific to its research needs. Complete an honors thesis deemed acceptable by your thesis advisor and another faculty member.

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Find Stanford dissertations and theses All Stanford dissertations and theses are listed in SearchWorks. Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.

This is done through course work in the foundational elements of the field and in at least one graduate specialization. If you need help, please contact our reference services staff or your subject librarian. Note that dissertations filed electronically may not be indexed. Apply the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

Attend a weekly honors seminar during winter and spring quarters.Admission to the honors program is intended for computer science undergraduates who have done well in their undergraduate coursework and have demonstrated strong potential for research.

Application Students interested in applying to the honors program must have a GPA in. L to R: Yatish, Heidi, Amir, Whitney, Mark, Bo, Gill, Solomon, Johannes, Karthik, Ethan, Yosuke, Joe, James. Honors Thesis This site is part of the Stanford Undergrad network, your guide to undergraduate academics and opportunities.

Visit for more information. Stanford University, Program in Science, Technology and Society, Honors Theses Summary The Internet has radically changed every mode of production, distribution, and consumption in modern life, granting global access to information transcending time and space.

The Stanford Computer Science Department was founded in A half-century on, the department is a force for innovation, scientific discovery and world-wide impact.

We are particularly proud of the graduates of our programs, many of whom are leaders in academia, industry and government. Thesis Master of Legal Studies Master of Laws Master of the Science of Law Stanford Events Awards and Honors Faculty and Staff Awards Kenneth M.

Cuthbertson Award the M.S. degree in Computer Science is intended as a terminal professional degree and does not lead to the Ph.D. degree. Most students planning to obtain the Ph.D.

Honors Thesis


Stanford computer science honors thesis
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