Solutions to ethnic crises in nigeria

This group has started a bloody campaign to impose a sui-generis Islamic regime based on Sharia in the Muslim North of the country. Unfortunately, most of these textiles companies have gone under, thus aggravating the unemployment situation in the North-Central zone.

Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria

Timeline[ edit ] Emergence of armed groups in Niger Delta — [ edit ] The ethnic unrest and conflicts of the late s such as those between the Ijaw, Urhobo and Itsekiricoupled with a peak in the availability of small arms and other weapons, led increasingly to the militarization of the Delta.

Election-rigging is not unheard of in Solutions to ethnic crises in nigeria. Borno and Plateau states even had Igbo as chief judges. Causal analysis and proposals for new management strategies. Generally, these clashes have reduced towns Kaduna and Jos and villages to charred evidence of the new spirit of intolerance stalking parts of our dear nation.

Conflict in the Niger Delta

If young people were in charge, the educational system in Nigeria would not be in its current state, and unemployment would be reduced. Journal of modern African studies, 39 1pp.

As stated above, while some sources Lewis and Bratton reveal the importance of ethnicity as a causal factor of cleavages, others Ruby and Shah ; Pew Research Center ; Green underline religious identities as a more determinant element in the perception of difference.

Nigerians are not loyal to the community in which they live and make a living. If Nigerians continue to be regarded and treated as strangers or non-natives in states other than Solutions to ethnic crises in nigeria own, all our labour for national unity would be in vain.

About possible consequences you can read here: As a result of the blast, the market was in flames. Above all, we must seek to offer pragmatic solutions to the problems of ethnic conflicts in our country. These crises have turned thousands of people into pitiable refugees in their own homes and communities.

Such freedom does not entirely guarantee the absence of conflicts but it minimizes them to a manageable level. Eric DumoInvest more in technical education, firm urges govt, retrieved March 23,Punch Newspaper. At around 3 p. Of course, globalisation feeds this process, but the main reason is related to inherent features of the model.

Suspicion, hatred, lack of trust and discrimination influence the relationship between the people of different ethnic groups in the country, and deprive Nigeria real national loyalty and unity.

The nation features in their reckoning only for purposes of sharing either the national cake or when tribal feeling dictates that it is the turn of their tribe to produce the next Nigerian leader.

According to the guest on Channels Television who gave the statistics, he stated that the problem of Boko Haram in Nigeria today is because they were not in schools when they were young. Gender Road accident It would be impossible to thoroughly examine all of these issues in just one article, so think of this as an introduction.

What is even more interesting is the fact that religious and ethnic identities are more salient than class identities Lewis and Bratton And then the Nigerian army embarked on devastating reprisal attacks in Saki-Biam. From the colonial times till date, leaders use ethnic biases to win election and divide the country.

This elasticity of identity avoids coming up with an all new identity for the particular role and circumstance. Since this paper has been mostly concentrated on conflicts in the North, the religious factor might be highlighted — due to the decisive religious cleavages in this region.

This was the case in the southern part of what is now Kaduna State known then as Southern Zaria where the Emir of Zaria by virtue of the emirate system, appointed district and village heads for the communities as was the practice in most parts of the then northern region.

The solutions to avert future occurrence includes the development of all parts of the country, and practice of justice and equity in the land.

Even in the Southeast, amongst the Igbo, there has been a rising number of Muslims, causing the governors of some Igbo-speaking states to introduce state programmes for Muslims.

IFRA-Nigeria working papers series, no. However, with each attempt to solve this problem through administrative fiat came new problems. This implies that Nigeria is the 38th most corrupt nation in Over the past half century, Nigeria has become a plutocracy; political power is concentrated solely in the hands of the socioeconomic elite.

Because of strong religious and ethnic hostility, some nationalist believe that amalgamation was a mistake and that Nigeria is a mere geographical expression. The NDPVF was founded by Asari, a former president of the Ijaw Youth Council, in after he "retreated into the bush" to form the group with the explicit goal of acquiring control of regional petroleum resources.

So, they are a problem to the country because they lacked knowledge which they would have gained if they went to school Boko Haram. What are the consequences of copyright infringement? This is where the importance of youth empowerment comes to play.Poverty is at the root of some of the ethnic crises Nigeria faces.

In this address to participants at the Presidential Retreat on Peace and Conflict Resolution, held in Kuru, Jos, Governor Abdullahi Adamu advocates the economic empowerment of disadvantaged Nigerians to halt their manipulation by unscrupulous politicians and other powerful individuals.

The roots of Nigeria's religious and ethnic conflict The desperate advancement of religious solutions to socioeconomic and political problems has deepened social fissures and spawned extremist.

Sep 03,  · Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve Them. Updated on March 16, Uzochukw Mike. more. Contact Author. What Are the Problems Facing Nigeria Today? To what extent does the multi-ethnic and multi-lingual structure and make up of Nigeria and the centralization of power make these problems intractable?Reviews: FEDERALISM AND ETHNIC VIOLENCE IN NIGERIA: PAST AND PRESENT ISSUES Doyin Hassan Department of Marketing The paper highlights the nexus between federalism and ethnic violence.

It ethnic crises in Nigeria. Violence in whatever form is inimical to the attainment of goals of. In the paper, causes of these crises are discussed and some suggestions are provided which if properly implemented will serve as remedies to both ethnic and religious crisis in. The linkage between ethnic crises in Nigeria in relation to how the integration of diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria can be attained was the focus of this study.

Solutions to ethnic crises in nigeria
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