Short essay on rural banking

It is a happy sign that our government is doing its best to improve the condition of the villages through various schemes of rural uplift.

Sample Essay on Rural Banks and Their Expansion in India

Once he places a request for investing in a particular fund, there are no manual processes involved. Rural banks have been established to meet the needs of the weaker sections of society.

They decided to go to weaker sections of the society and help them in achieving their aspirations. Manage our Supply-Chain network, effectively by using our online fund transfer mechanism. But this idea was dropped. They are also the two most important functions of a bank.

Short essay on Banks in Indian Villages

The target was to provide at least one bank for every 17,00 of population in rural and semi-urban areas. Good libraries should be provided in every village. In fact, it is through the banks only that the Indian farmer is reaching out to the latest advances in the field of agriculture.

They do not know the laws of health. Abuse of Short essay on rural banking cards by fraudsters at ATMs. Banks have contributed a lot in developing in rural India.

So far we have highlighted only two of them, because, in combination, they are the necessary services which a bank as a bank must perform.

This enabled banks to have a better centralized control over branches besides ensuring comprehensive service to their customers. The object was to give banking facilities to the neglected sections of the society specially the poor farmers, landless labourers and artisans.

Role of Banking Sector in Bharat (Rural India)

Initial Public Offers Online: So it was given up. It constituted a serious economic, social and political problem. The B2C disbursement on net: They are used for lending to others, and not for financing its own business of any kind say manufacturing or trade.

Bank: Short Essay on Bank

The less that is known about the current state of a market or a venture, the less the ability to project future outcomes and, hence, the more those potential outcomes will be discounted. The bank can help him in integrating the account statements and bulk payment files with his ERP system.

School and college students can do a lot of work for rural development. We can affect fund transfer on a real time basis across the bank locations. The problems of our villagers are many and varied. Thirdly, computerization needs heavy capital outlay for purchase of machines.

Trading in derivatives includes the following: Most of the villages have no basic amenities like good roads, schools and hospitals. Simultaneously the importance of effective Management Information System MIS for control of operations, maintenance of data base, good customer relationship was felt.

For this reason, Post Office savings banks are not banks in the accepted sense of a bank, even though some of them accept chequable deposits. Night schools should be set up for the illiterate adults to teach them to read and write.

Indian farmers are so poor that they cannot pay back their loans. Roads and other means of communication in the village should be improved. All it requires is Internet connectivity.The object was to give banking facilities to the neglected sections of the society specially the poor farmers, landless labourers and artisans.

The nationalised banks expanded their branches in rural areas. Free Essay: RURAL BANKING IN INDIA Introduction Rural banking in India has been the subject of study Survey Committee Report inliterally thousand of. Short Essay on Village Life (Problems and Solutions) Category: Blog On June 18, By Ravi Sharma.

Rural banking should be set up for financial assistance to the village people. Essay on Rural Development ; Condition of Villages in India ; Rural Life and Society in India. Essay on Rural Development. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 18, By Muskan.

Short Essay on Village Life (Problems and Solutions) Condition of Villages in India ; Importance of Village Welfare ; Short Essay on Adult Education (Adult Literacy). A Study on Indian Rural Banking Industry-Issues and Challenges 1 Mr.

Dileep S, Lecturer, Department of MBA, Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management, Bangalore It is not the proper time to mop up the rural surplus.

No doubt villages do not have to pay income tax and they get many other concessions, yet their saving is not significant. Short essay on .

Short essay on rural banking
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