Marketing management essay questions and answers

Sample/practice exam 15 March 2016, questions and answers - Sample final exam

Question 3 Describe the logic behind break-even analysis, and briefly explain its limitations. In marginal cost pricing method, price is calculated on the basis of variable cost instead of total cost.

Skimming pricing policy aims at extracting maximum profits from the market and as such the manufacturer keeps high price. Briefly explain the marginal cost pricing method. What are one price and flexible price policies? What are bait pricing and price lining policies? Write a short note on branding.

Distribution, one of the four elements of the marketing mix, is the only element that carries no ethical dimension. Price is the amount for which a product, a service or an idea is exchanged regardless of its worth to the buyer.

Innovative packaging can bring large benefits to consumers and profits to producers. Usually consumers want risk-free products and will pay for them.

Uniform delivery pricing policy is one in which the firm bears full transportation cost irrespective of location of buyers.

A comparison of one-price and variable-price policies shows that a. Section A and B multiple choice is to be answered on the multiple choice answer sheet provided with your examination question paper. Zonal delivery pricing policy is one where the firm divides the country into different zones and quotes uniform price for each zone.

Price is the exchange value of a product or service expressed in monetary terms. What are production point and zonal delivery pricing policies?

Commerce Question Bank – 30 Short Questions With Answers on “Marketing Management”

Write your full name and student number on each examination booklet together with the number of examination books used. Pricing is the process of setting objectives, identifying the factors governing the price, formulating price policies and strategies setting prices, implementing them and controlling them 9.

What is packing and packaging? Under flexible price policy different buyers are charged different prices for the same quantity purchased.

Companies are incorporating unique materials and features. It represents product image, quality or value. What is scalloped product life cycle? Package delivers convenience value to the consumer. There are many lubricant brands in Myanmar. Product planning is the function of top management and specialists from various fields of sales, marketing, production, R and D and finance.

He is using the door-to-door delivery to the car workshops in Yangon and a main distributor appointed for the distribution outside Yangon.

Illustrate the positioning strategy for any two products or your choice.Marketing Management Question Paper.

Marketing questions and essays

MARKETING MANAGEMENT Time: 3 Hours ] [ 70 The question paper is in two sections - A & B. Section-A is consists of 10 short answer type questions each of 5 marks (answer in 80 to words).

Analysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of your favourite athletic shoe brand Assume that you are the director of international marketing for a company producing refrigerators.

Select one country in Latin America and one in Europe and developescreening criteria to use in evaluating the two countries. Specimen examination questions and suggested approach and solution relating to specialized function of marketing management, plans are realized by the specialized functions of marketing it is common to conclude such answers with qualifying statement that acknowledge this fact.

Answer. ANS: F REF: p. Final Examination MKTG Marketing Principles 7 SECTION B – Total 15 marks SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONS ANSWER THE FOLLOWING FOUR QUESTIONS.

(EACH QUESTION IS WORTH FIVE MARKS) 4 Short Answer Questeons worth 5 mark each. marketing is a market concept of management of the international activity of the firm, focused on inquiries of end users of the different countries and formation of their advantages according to strategic objectives of optimization and.

Subject: Marketing Management Attend any 4 questions. Each question carries 25 marks (Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of words) 1. Explain the modern developments in the concept and practice of marketing.

Marketing management essay questions and answers
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