Fancy bubble writing alphabet

Yes it is accidental. It was late at night in Photoshop, I was tired, etc etc. You can draw them anywhere with just a pencil, or a biro, and a little colour.

Fancy Bubble Alphabet Letters Fancy Bubble Letters Alphabet Bubble Writing Alphabet A-Z How To

When you draw the curves from the inside triangle, make sure a that they extend smoothly into the rest of the letter and b that they only just touch the dividing line at one point.

They use divider-lines in an even more exciting way than B.

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The way the dividing lines work in these letters is important to grasp so that you know how to draw bubble letters that look fully inflated but not squashed.

So first draw in the straight back as a vertical line, and then draw a curve that falls exactly halfway between that vertical and the full-circular curve of your original construction circle. Crude, but I sort of like it.

So I started drawing my own letters to show visitors what I meant It should straddle the outer line of the original construction circle.

I prefer to have two separate letters since this is a modern alphabet. The rest of the details I hope should be obvious from the illustration.

Or just find any particular letters you want and only learn those. And here we go with O and Q: J G are on the third page.

Fancy Bubble Letters Alphabet Graffiti Alphabet Style Bubble Letters Coloring Pages Printable

Note that the counter or white space inside these two letters is based on a triangle, unlike O and Q which use a four-sided lozenge. This helps the eye understand the underlying form of the letter and recognise it for easy reading even though it is distorted towards a circle.

For both O and Q, find the middle of the circle and on it draw a small, regular X. This is my own alphabet design. Erase the inner pencil lines.

These two letters are fairly simple to work out once you have grasped the basic principle of dividing the circle and drawing internal curves that just touch each other.

I began by drawing round a small plastic pot-lid but the advantage of using compasses is that the point leaves that little hole so you can always easily find the centre of the circle as a starting-point for constructing the rest of the letter Ready?

The instructions are not in alphabetical order but proceed more or less from the simpler letters to the more complicated. And it was more fun that way, too: As you can see, an H is just an A with another dividing line at the top.

If they run along the dividing-line, they will make the letter look pressed-together, and a bit odd. KSB art miniatures How to draw bubble letters Why does a calligrapher need to know how to draw bubble letters?

The images come first, then notes containing more information on how to draw the bubble letters. I was having fun. You could estimate by eye to draw in the short diagonal line that divides its two lobes.

As their creator I intend for them to be available for no charge. However, I think these two letters remain very recognisable with circular sides, and bubblier that way. Join the points of the X with short, curved lines bulging inwards. A, H More reflected-light highlights on the A.

D, B These two letters have straight backs in most ordinary alphabets. O, Q Both these are already mostly drawn for you in the form of the original circle. Feel free to use this page as you wish for personal and educational purposes, and of course use it to inspire your own alphabet designs.

Black-pencil or ink over the final lines, inside and out.Fancy Bubble Alphabet Letters Script Fonts. Tattoo Lettering Font Generator Online. Superman. Tagged:fancy bubble alphabet letters, fancy bubble letters alphabet. Fancy Bubble Alphabet Letters Fancy Bubble Letters Alphabet Bubble Writing Alphabet A-Z How To photo, Fancy Bubble Alphabet Letters Fancy Bubble Letters Alphabet.

Download Free Fancy Bubble Letters (A-Z) to Draw high definition free images for your pc or personal media storage. Browse more Free Fancy Bubble Letters (A-Z) to Draw wide range wallpapers Bubble Letters alphabet template by Nolan.

Graffiti Bubble Letters. Graffiti Bubble Letters Generator.

Fancy Bubble Alphabet Letters Script Fonts. Tattoo Lettering Font Generator Online. Superman

3D Bubble Letters. 3D bubble letters alphabet. Cool Fancy Text Generator is a copy and paste font generator and font changer that creates Twitter, Facebook, Instagram fonts. It converts a normal text to different free cool fonts styles, such as tattoo fonts, calligraphy fonts, web script fonts, cursive fonts, handwriting fonts, old English fonts, word fonts, pretty fonts, font art.

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Printable Bubble Letters. Here’s an entire bubble letter printable alphabet A to Z, including a smaller set on one page.

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Also, because so many people asked for them, here’s a new set of lowercase bubble letters, Related Posts from Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. Bubble Numbers and Characters; Lowercase Bubble Letters.

Fancy bubble writing alphabet
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