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Ebooks in Chinese Beginner ebooks show word-for-word Pinyin and English. I hope this never goes away. The footnotes will give you historical background on the text. I thank Chinese writing game congratulate the creators, for giving so much!

There are 3 levels and 45 questions to answer. It can help you learn Chinese writing game pronounce the tones and teach you quite a few new characters. If this app could address that, it would be much more useful Best Writing App to date Dec 2, Dunmessedup I have been studying Chinese for 16 years, and teaching it for more than five years.

They send e-mail to one another. In Automatic mode the sound is continuous and a marker guides you through the text. Help your kids and toddlers learn Chinesefind the meaning of your name in Chinese or just have fun exploring our website!

You will also find here free excerpts of well-known literature works in Chinese with their Chinese vocabulary guides in English and pinyin to help with Mandarin reading.

Original text from This is a resource for practicing Chinese characters. The story is suitable for a student who has had one to two semesters of Chinese.

One decent game is better than a dozen mediocre ones. Harry Potter in Chinese! The pinyin pages also include literal translations of the characters. You will get so much more: A context dictionary only gives you the definitions of a word or phrase that fit the current story or situation. If you are a beginner, the automatic mode will be too fast for you, but if you use the manual mode, you can listen to and repeat 6 characters at a time by clicking on the characters.

Wallpapers Visually memorize complex Chinese characters or words with wallpapers! Advanced Vocabulary x Chinese Exam: The San Zi Jing is a classic work for children to help them learn the major events of Chinese history.

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When you open the audio book, you may choose Manual or Automatic. Pinyin We use Pinyin to represent the standard pronunciation of Mandarin in all of our content. Intermediate Chinese eBooks x Cinderella: The ideas are presented in sets of 6 characters. Chinese for Kids Let your kids learn simple Chinese with coloring pages, spot-the-difference games, and pair-off games!

Chinese Text and Vocabulary EBook in new format with vocabulary guide attached! Jyutping is used as the notation system for Cantonese. Each basic to intermediate term is listed in order of appearance with its pinyin and English translation.

The focus is completely on recognition rather than production. I hope you can enjoy or find this stimulating and that you can improve your Chinese.

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Skip the frustration and read the books along with their Chinese vocabulary guide. Learn more about it here.

You can adjust things in anyway you like by clicking on the settings button. Advertisement Learn Chinese Now! Specifically the characters for the HSK 1 test.

The other games are still there, but now there is no link to them. In each story, you can click on the sentences to hear the story and use the handy vocabulary pages to print or to add vocabulary to your account. The fact that you can create your own packs to study from makes it invaluable.Enjoy some of these traditional Chinese games with your family, perhaps when you are learning about China or celebrating Chinese New Year.

Some of them may seem familiar to you, as they are similar to games that we already know. But many of them give us an interesting insight into another culture and are an excellent way of extending your.

Free Online Blackboard to practice Writing Chinese. Games 2 Learn Chinese offers free educational content and free Chinese learning games from, our members-only site. Get all full version games as well as full access to the content presented here with a LittleNex Membership.

Traditional Chinese Games

Teachers can request a student login in. Games and stories to help people learn Mandarin Chinese and English. Includes concentration, numbers, and more as we write them. 使用玩具学习计算,颜色,生词,英. BBC Languages - Learn Chinese in your own time and have fun with Character Game.

Play our character game to learn how to write Chinese characters.

Apr 21,  · • The app remembers which characters you've had trouble writing and prioritises them in future games, as well as highlighting them in the character pack browsing screen. • Includes an animated introduction to the basic rules for writing Chinese characters/5(14).


Aug 21,  · Learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters - it's educational, entertaining and addictive! -- This free version lets you play with and learn traditional and simplified characters. ☆ It's more than a game. ☆ trainchinese Chinese Writer can test you on 5, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, and /5(K).

Chinese writing game
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