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These high-achieving kids also have other problems, such as holding and using eating utensils in a normal way. But research failed to show exactly what was wrong.

A new study -- in which Alex participated -- shows that high-achieving kids with autism very often have trouble with handwriting.

The problem seems to be something parents have long autistic writing aids, but that researchers are only beginning to define.

Some of the center materials: The yellow binders are part of the language center. So I created these centers. Clearly they have this problem with fine motor control.

Kids With Autism Need Handwriting Help

I used to dread doing journaling with my kids and now I love it. Hans Asperger, the first to describe relatively high functioning people with autism, noted that "the pen did not obey" one of his original patients.

Some of the kids in the Bastian study had more legible handwriting than some of the "normal" kids, although it took a lot of effort.

I thought we had made this huge breakthrough on using our imaginations. But in addition to overcoming the relational and developmental challenges of autism, Alex also battles subtle motor-control issues.

But since the structure will stay the same — ie. It should come as no surprise. Many of the parents we have interacted with are happy to know this is a purely motor problem, because it is a bit more straightforward to work on such things than to work on behavioral issues.

But for some reason this was something that kept getting pushed down to the end of my ever-growing to do list. Using a test that dissects five separate aspects of handwriting, they showed that normal-intelligence kids with autism can align, size, and space their letters as well as normal kids.

I totally revamped the way I will be teaching writing this year. Continued The problem is that they have great difficulty forming their letters -- suggesting that the problem relates to motor control.Nov 09,  · Nov.

9, -- Kids battling autism face an extra hurdle: handwriting. The problem seems to be something parents have long suspected, but that researchers are only beginning to define.

Autism Writing Aids - Get the lowest price and greatest selection on Writing Aids for Children with Autism and Writing Aids for Autistic Kids at Reading and writing aids constitute a wide assortment of assistive devices for people with arthritis and limited dexterity.

They are ideal for children, adults and seniors, and help them read and write effortlessly/5(K). Okay so the idea behind the writing center is that students will pick a center to work on each day to practice a variety of writing skills including target descriptive writing, narrative writing, sentence building, sequencing, making inferences, vocabulary building, imaginative writing, and more.

Writing Supports and Accommodations for Students with Autism. This Session is being Recorded Writing Research Kathy Oehler () Advanced Reading & Writing Aids Writing Features: •Writing Organization Support •Talking Word Processor.

Printables and articles about teaching children with learning / intellectual disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

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Autistic writing aids
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