Arguments against the tenant protection act in canada

She receives daily checkups and despite the criticism of her tank, he states that Lolita receives the best care of any orca in the world.

Some suggest that sea pens are better for the whales because of the natural seawater, and the more natural surroundings. Check with your local government to find out more about minimum heat standards in your community.

Rent control in Ontario

You can refer to state statutes, local codes and common law common law is rules of law that come from the decisions judges make in certain court cases.

Aggression toward their trainers seems to be the biggest issue as it involves the safety of humans. Other natural behaviors, such as dominance, mating, and maternal care are altered in captivity. It offers accreditation to facilities that meet the standards and guidelines it has set up in order to optimize the psychological and physical well being of the marine mammals.

Health Captive orcas face a unique set of health concerns than their wild counterparts. The MMPA prohibits the "taking" of marine mammals without specific authorization and has enacted a moratorium on the import, export, and sale of any marine mammal, or any part of marine mammal within the United States.

Lori Marino of Emory University adds this: Some orcas adjust quickly to captive life, while others do not.

Some speculate that while spending more time at the surface, the whale is no longer utilizing the buoyancy of the water and the fin is not able to continue to support itself against the pull of gravity.

See Documenting Communication for more information on documenting your communication with the landlord. They were eventually rescued costing tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. The permit must also specify the methods of capture, supervision, care, and transportation which must be observed pursuant to such taking and must furnish the Secretary with a report of all activities pursuant to that permit.

This brochure is available in 15 languages. While some pools use actual saltwater pumped in from the ocean, most are not capable of doing so. Living within a pool surrounded by white cement walls offers little to stimulate the orca and their sounds often become distorted when bouncing off the walls confusing the whales and making it hard to communicate with each other.

He ultimately died of hypothermia but authorities say that Tilikim bit the man and tore off his swimming trunks. The third incident involved the death of year-old trainer Dawn Brancheau at Seaworld on February 24, after Tilikum reportedly pulled her into the tank. An inspection from by the U.

Protection from unlawful eviction: The Human Rights Code applies to every person in Ontario. She must be fully free of any bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could be transferred to another animal before she can be transported.

Race, place of origin or ethnic origin; Religion; Sex, age, sexual orientation or marital status; Family status; or Disability. Human Rights for Tenants - Information for tenants about their human rights in relation to housing. The primary factors for developing dental health issues in whales are old age and captivity.

Sea pens are fenced off portions of open either seawater or a lagoon. For example, a landlord cannot refuse to rent to you because you are a newcomer to Canada or because you have children. In captivity, different populations of orcas are mixed together.


The marine park environments have most certainly improved over the last 50 years or so, but they are a far cry from the natural environment these animals would otherwise have.

Since then, people have been using whales for entertainment purposes leading to the rise of dolphinariums and marine mammal parks across the nation. An order determining that the landlord, superintendent or agent of the landlord has substantially interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit or residential complex for all usual purposes by the tenant or a member of his or her household.

Facilities are inspected every five years to be sure that they are still meeting the standards in order to maintain their AZA accreditation. He is the largest orca in captivity, weighing more than six tons, thus his movements are more limited in a tank than a smaller orca housed in the same tank.

To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.Residential Tenancies Act, RTA, the Residential Tenancy Act is the Ontario Landlord and Tenant law covering renters. Residential Tenancies Act Statutes of Ontario,chapter 17 Tenant Protection Act,which was in. Your rights when renting: Human rights in Alberta Welcome to “Your rights when renting: Human rights in Alberta,” a series of resources funded by the Human Rights Education and Multicultural Fund.

Your feedback is important to us. Alberta’s Protection Against Family Violence Act Infographic. In Alberta, the law is called the Residential Tenancies Act.

Landlords and tenants should learn about the law that applies in their province. For more information about laws for renting in Canada [ ] CPLEA - Landlord and Tenant.

FAQ – If the landlord makes an application against the tenant, will the tenant find out? FAQ – Who can. What are my rights as a tenant?

Landlord and Tenant Board

As a tenant in Ontario, you have legal rights. These rights are explained in the Human Rights Code and the Residential Tenancies Act. A Guide for Landlords & Tenants in British Columbia Residential Tenancy Act Successful Tenancies Park Tenancy Act, unless the tenant rents the home and the home site from the same landlord.

In this situation, the tenancy is covered by the Protection Act.

What are my rights as a tenant?

People concerned about protection of their personal information should. The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) resolves: practices and procedures and the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act. The LTB is one of the eight tribunals that make up Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO).

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Arguments against the tenant protection act in canada
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