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Therefore, Easton Ellis was correct to be as graphic as possible in the dismemberment scenes. In those scenes, I see only a technician at work, albeit one operating in tandem with a monstrous character he has forged as the appropriate tool to guide his story and address his themes.

The point is that the reader is forced to confront his or her emotions in the context of the values of a society that we are all part of.

So is the world, increasingly.

As readers, we filter novels through the lens of our own cultural background and respond to them accordingly. American pyscho essay this participation also crucially demands that the reader makes some kind of moral judgment on the nature of these acts.

But I believe the American pyscho essay source of unease concerning the novel is that, despite its portrayal of Bateman as superficial, pompous, lying, misogynistic, racist and narcissistic, the narrative style of American Psycho forces the reader to adopt his point of view.

Irvine Welsh – American Psycho is a modern classic

The second thing is that the novel is always as much about the reader as the writer. While American Psycho includes pornographic scenes, they are carefully crafted and placed, and juxtaposed with horror and gore.

The first important thing to remember about American Psycho is that everything within the novel is completely constructed, based on the culture surrounding the time during which the book was written. The best of them evoke something strong in both ourselves, and the world around us.

The book directly compares the power-longing, money-grubbing tendencies of the American WASPish elite to mental dysfunction. This truism is only worth restating as many people still childishly insist on confusing protagonists with their authors.

Those who came from a different place, such as the writer Fay Weldontended to rejoice in it, for the very same reason their sisters loathed it: Without them the novel would have been a compromise and a failure.

Bateman would probably be held up as an archetypal model of American success, were it not for the fact of him being a murdering psychopath.

The running metaphor is one of a culture succumbing to a materialist consumerism that destroys society by eradicating its human values in favour of an obsession with image. By reducing his victims to material, Bateman is the alienated, urbane Ivy League serial killer in the suit.

I recall, around the time of its publication, having an argument with a female friend about the violence towards women in the novel. The objective of pornography is to produce sexual arousal.

That could be on a spectrum ranging from total disgust to detached indifference, perhaps even to perverse fascination. Thus, the reader is implicated in both the violence and the objectifying processes of consumer society.American Psycho holds a hyper-real, satirical mirror up to our faces, and the uncomfortable shock of recognition it produces is that twisted reflection of ourselves, and the world we live in.

It is not the “life-affirming” (so often a coded term for “deeply conservative”) novel beloved of bourgeois critics. Essay about Movie Review: American Psycho The film American Psycho has strong references to the American consumer culture of elitists in the s.

However, the film main reflects popular culture among elitists in the time period but it also applies to a broader spectrum of the population. American Psycho Essay Words 6 Pages Entrails torn from the body with bare hands, eyes gouged out with razor blades, battery cables, rats borrowing inside the human body, power drills to the face, cannibalism, credit cards, business cards, Dorsia, Testoni, Armani, Wall Street; all of these things are Patrick Bateman’s world.

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Your three possible topics are: (1) relations between blacks and whites; (2) the status of women; and (3) relations between the U.S.

American Psycho

and the rest of the world. American Psycho Essay The text is from the movie American Psycho, a movie released in based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis.

American pyscho essay
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