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Get your hair cut! I have h Nobody had invited Jean to the party, which annoyed her. Your drinks in a moment. Tony has been j There is no definite decision yet about the venue of the next Olympic Games.


The motorbike George rode in the race b At the time my aunt was looking after the children for us. A description d It was a mistake to enter Brian for the exam. There are also present and past passive infinitives.

Johnson was first g My legal advisers have told me not to say any more at Advanced language practice with time. The huge stadium by the crowd. U-turn Verbs with prepositions 1 Ending a sentence with a preposition It is possible to end a sentence with a preposition Advanced language practice with a sentence where a prepositional verb is made passive Someone broke into our house Our house was broken into 2 By and with With is used after participles such as filled, packed, crowded, crammed The train was packed with commuters Previous unit Back Next Exercises Advanced Language.

He was considered a failure. It that the shop should close. In descriptions of processes, there is emphasis on the actions performed rather than on the people who perform them.

Then the packets are packed into boxes of twenty four. Everyone considered him a failure. Other common verbs of this type are: Complete the second sentence. A note was handed to me.

Advanced Language Practice Unit 6 Passive 1 Basic uses of the passive 1 Agent and instrument The person who performs an action in a passive sentence. We arrived at the hotel at eight. My wallet has been taken. Their engagement in the local paper.

In this case, there is no point in adding an agent: The agent may or may not be mentioned. The police thought that the thief was still in the house The thief was thought to still be in the house 4 With passive infinitive Everyone knows the portrait was painted by an Italian The portrait is known to have been painted by an Italian Previous unit Back Next Exercises Advanced Language Practice Contents Exit 5 If there are two objects, two versions are possible The portrait is known to have been As she i Tony has another six months to finish his thesis.

Exit Contents Exercises Next unit Back Next Previous unit Advanced Language Practice 6 Tenses Although it is possible to form a wide range of passive tenses, the most used are present simple and continuous, past simple and continuous, present perfect simple, past perfect simple, will future, and future perfect.

Diana f Johnson first became a member of parliament in Jim was elected class representative. Some languages may use passive forms where English uses active ones, and vice versa. Since the computer the work of accountants simplified.

There is also a feeling of eventually managing something in some uses: My purse was found by one of the cleaners. I eventually got the car fixed Sue always gets things done in this office 3 The need to have a service done can be described with need doing Your hair needs cutting Get can be used instead of be to form the passive in I was advised to obtain a visa in advance.

I was handed a note.Language Practice Series Grammar and vocabulary practice books - ideal for self study. This very popular and reliable series is now available in updated editions.

An in-depth, detailed approach to English grammar and vocabulary, this is a combination of two books - with grammar clearly presented in the first half, and vocabulary input offered in the second half.

MCHEL VINCE ultimedescente.comge practice with MCHEL VINCE ultimedescente.comge practice with Sign In. Details.

Main menu. Advanced Language Practice has 56 ratings and 4 reviews. A text offering practice material to students preparing for the Cambridge Advanced English exami /5. Advanced language practice: English grammar and vocabulary: 7.

Advanced language practice: English grammar and vocabulary. by Michael Vince; Peter Sunderland Print book: English.

Oxford: Macmillan 8. Advanced language practice: 8.

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Advanced language practice. Download Advanced Language Practice by Michael Vince PDF Book Download. Version of PDF eBook and the name of writer and number pages in ebook every information is given inside our post. Check here and also read some short description about this Advanced Language Practice by .

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