A psychological analysis of depression and its devastating consequences on the way one thinks

A small but growing literature exists on the process of posttraumatic growth, describing the development of adaptive coping mechanisms and feelings of self-efficacy following exposure to traumatic events e. This disaster was caused by a combination of heavy rains and poorly constructed dams.

The deleterious consequences of the culture of certainty and mindless action have been far more devastating than the everyday hurried, anxious culture it creates. It is important to avoid being judgmental, and rejecting what the person has said.

In general, findings regarding the psychological sequelae of terrorist attacks are similar to those seen in United States—based studies; commonly reported effects include PTSD and symptoms of PTSD, major depression, and general psychological distress as determined by various measures.

However, Bromet et al. School dropout rates, divorce, and domestic or interpersonal violence and conflict are potential future research topics in this area. Research suggests that disasters experienced at a younger age may have long-term psychological consequences.

Individuals with nonspecific somatic complaints such as nausea or weakness will be a great concern in the event of biological or chemical attacks when the presenting symptoms of exposure may be nonspecific and similar to other common conditions.

Rather than despair, we might well ponder who had the greatest influence on Western Civilization, Socrates or the Greeks who condemned him to death. Silver and colleagues found that the degree of exposure to the September 11,attacks as measured by a composite of proximity to the various attack sites, presence at a site, contact with a victim whether visually or by phone during the attacks, and degree of watching the events live on TV was significantly predictive of psychological distress, more so than the degree of loss, 6 although both exposure and degree of loss were associated with distress.

Similar to findings in the disaster mental health literature, some evidence indicates that terrorism events may lead to increases in substance use. A study conducted by Stanford University found that after natural disasters, those affected experienced a significant increase in stress level.

Community cohesion can decrease as neighbors become suspicious of strangers and of one another. Health promotion[ edit ] There is an alternative method to coping with stress, in which one works to minimize their anxiety and stress in a preventative manner.

August Social support from friends and the community can be very beneficial to helping someone communicate while stressed. Some of these studies also provide unique perspectives because they have been carried out on populations that have been exposed to varying forms of terrorism events such as smaller-scale bombings and shooting attacks e.

A similar distinction can be made when looking at behavioral responses to the anthrax attacks of Box Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The person now begins to exhibit behaviors such as anxiety, irritability, avoidance of responsibilities and relationships, self-destructive behavior, and poor judgment.

Prior marital separation and preexisting physical illness have also been implicated in predicting greater psychological distress after these events Silver et al.

A smaller group may have more moderate symptoms such as persistent insomnia and anxiety and will likely benefit from psychological and medical supportive interventions. Although the research base is extremely limited, the psychological impact of a hoax may be as great as that of a true threat.

Daily stressors, however, are different for each individual, as not everyone perceives a certain event as stressful. For example, Dougherty, et al. Summers maintains a private practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Chicago, Illinois.

A number of self-help approaches to stress-prevention and resilience-building have been developed, drawing mainly on the theory and practice of cognitive-behavioural therapy. It should be lost on none of us that the same charge was made in opposition to child labor laws.

A review of the psychological consequences of terrorist attacks by Gidron found six studies that met his criteria for inclusion.

Psychological stress

People also reported closer relationships with their family members subsequent to those attacks Silver et al. What is the magical appeal of the slogan?Active coping strategies are behavioral or psychological responses intended to change the nature of the stressor itself or the way in which one thinks about it.

Turning to others for support and attempting to gain more information about the stressor are examples of active coping strategies. -To psychologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, it refers to a specific condition with characteristic symptoms and often devastating consequences if left untreated -Depression occurs in all age groups, even in very young children.

Depression is one of the conditions under mood disorders and can be very influential on the individual’s life and daily activity functioning which may lead to significant consequences if left untreated.

In psychoanalysis, one learns to listen to one’s experience in all its complexity, to explore the thought and feeling as the basis for our very human way of acting. "Changing the way a person thinks about and interprets pain can alter the experience of pain," says Benson Hoffman, a clinical associate at Duke University Medical Center.

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understanding of one's own psychological processes - behaviour is controlled by its consequences.

A psychological analysis of depression and its devastating consequences on the way one thinks
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